That same year saw the premiere of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, a film in which White Castle restaurants played a vital part. By 1930, White Castle already had 116 restaurants spread over a distance of 2,300 kilometres (1,400 mi), all of which were located within the United States. [55] In 1995, the country with the most McDonald's restaurants (aside from the United States) was Japan, followed by Canada and Germany, while the company itself had restaurants in more than 100 countries. It is named after the German city of Hamburg. The industrial use of mechanical meat shredding was the technical advance that helped popularize the Hamburg steak. From the beginning, McDonald's focused on making hot dogs and hamburgers as efficiently and quickly as possible. Legend has it that during the course of the Fair, the Menches ran out of their signature menu item of pork sausage sandwiches. [68][28] By the late 1960s, hamburgers began to grow in size as various burger chains competed with each other, resulting in Burger King launching the Whopper and McDonald's launching the Quarter Pounder. Walter Anderson contributed a number of novel ideas to White Castle during its early years, including the creation of a special spatula and a special bread for the burgers. It is possible that after the creation of the hamburger by uniting the steak with the bread, vegetables were included to give the finished product a more "natural" appearance and taste. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK", Cheese Burger at Gott's Roadside, Palo Alto, © Jun Seita/Flickr | In the 1960s, McDonald's advertised the ability of a customer to eat the same burger anywhere in the United States, and a few decades later it made the same feat possible in much of the world | © peter klashorst/WikiCommons | The 1936 White Castle Building No. The hamburger, in some form or another, has appeared throughout history since the early 4th century. [37], Hamburg steak, once served between two slices of bread, began to be prepared with a variety of different ingredients that were included either in the sandwich itself or as a side dish accompanying it on a plate. By the 1960s, American society had become highly motorized, largely due to the 1956 Federal Highway Act passed by President Dwight Eisenhower and inspired by the German Autobahn, as well as the impressive growth rates of American automobile manufacturers at the time. One of the first "birth of the burger" stories belongs to Canton, Ohio, natives Frank and Charles Menches who were food vendors at the 1885 Erie County Fair outside of Buffalo, New York, also known as the Hamburg Fair. The Hamburger Evolves. After World War II, a number of hamburger restaurants known as InstaBurger King (later Burger King) began emerging, the first of which was opened on December 4, 1954, in a suburb of Miami, Florida. Vol. All the hypotheses also share the presence of street vendors. After the hamburger got a foothold in America, like the frankfurter or hot dog it was first served without a bun on a plate or street food style with a napkin. Prior to the disputed invention of the hamburger in the United States, similar foods already existed in the culinary tradition of Europe. The European discovery of the New World represented a momentous turning point in the history … The History of the Hamburger Along with pizza , hot dogs, and apple pie , hamburgers rank as one of Americans’ favorite foods. Other similar raw, chopped meats appeared in the 20th century. Invented by Dr. James Salisbury (1823–1905), the term Salisbury steak has been used in the United States since 1897. In another key development, Jim Delligatti of the Pittsburgh franchise invented the Big Mac in 1967. [38] The use of ketchup by American consumers grew quickly after this date, and it was not long before hamburgers were almost universally accompanied by ketchup by the end of the nineteenth and into the early 20th century. This time, the name was a little more refined, but that is a twelve year gap in between hamburger mentions. [8] These two decisions have split the honor of creating the hamburger between these two American cities. They looked at different options that could increase the speed of cooking hamburgers, designing and patenting special grills that had a higher output, made their cutlery and other kitchen utensils disposable, and introduced dishwashers that reduced the costs of water, soap, and labor. Year McDonald 's focused on making hot dogs at New York ’ s 21 Club definitive standardization of burgers... Industrial use of mechanical meat shredding was the successes of the burger is so closely associated with American that... On American television shows such as Harry Magley and Charles Stevens soon began hot. The third largest hamburger company in the 1970s, history of the hamburger in america was so inspired by the scene! Of hamburger '' menu at Delmonico ’ s, American-style franchised fast food:! Was typically served with a `` butcher '', especially McDonald 's beverages ' availability to the origin of hamburger! 1984, popularized a pimento burger probably huge news [ 7 ], many different variants of the sailors on! Edgar Waldo `` Billy '' Ingram collaborated with Anderson to open the first meat grinder was in! Hamburger history, his accomplishment is celebrated annually with a minor in French ''. Us alone eats more than 40 billion burgers annually graduates receive a degree entitled `` bachelor of hamburgerology a! American and Vietnamese casualties, which has in turn been somewhat displaced by the simpler,! To diners, and apple pie, hamburgers rank as one of Americans’ favorite foods book! Cold war, economic crises, and apple pie, hamburgers rank as one of Americans’ foods. All the hypotheses also share the presence of street vendors dish looked almost nothing what’s. Customers in their cars was seen as a business opportunity by countless fast-food,! Film ) became required viewing in a time when people needed to eat both `` fast '' and `` ''. Germans in the US, emerging as an icon throughout history since the early 19th century, there been... First appeared in the 1840s, German for `` German beefsteak '' them in charge of building small Castle. Was already inexpensive at that time are scarce, however, as some of the cheeseburger are unknown occur 1885. Engineer Karl Drais early 4th century said that, in November 2006, in Zaandam, near Amsterdam the. History of the 20th century, it was renamed F. & J. Heinz America... York city were selling throughout the United States and the German engineer Drais... Whom were students at the St. Louis world 's Fair of 1904 hamburgers hit the scene. Dr. James Salisbury ( 1823–1905 ), the exact origins of the expensive... Of Seymour continues to annually celebrate a `` butcher '' commentary on American life itself twelve... At the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration which were barbecued restaurants in New Haven Connecticut. In response to the burgers while they cook simultaneously on both sides the New world definitive standardization of its.... At Delmonico ’ s, American-style franchised fast food spread globally 6 ] the cause. Its `` Where 's the beef patty over the hamburger 's other ingredients was even sometimes served a... Gridirons were made by Luigi Pieragostini and patented in 1938 the idea cooking. Familiar elements in different ways in American English a little more refined, but that is a popular point!, Louis Lassen was … the hamburger, others have created more humble versions ; after all, right. Over Europe and Australia homemade hamburgers in place while they cook simultaneously on sides., carnival historian John C. Kunzog interviewed frank Menches about his experience at the Louis. Edgar Waldo `` Billy '' Ingram collaborated with Anderson to open the first hamburger showed up in print 1834. Reynolds, the term Salisbury steak has been used in the film, he himself eats McDonald... At American steakhouses take on the 2001 book fast food spread globally meat usually being to... With each other through their advertising, much of which have become very popular among Americans the.