Say LUCKYSLOTS to start the game. chat to me • Use Existing AIML Files. Worswick claims she has been worked on since 2005. The Alice Foundation is also responsible for the maintenance of Alice, an open source set of AIML files, with more than 90.000 rules, that conform an open source chatbot (and give its name to the Alice Foundation). Say WORDPLAY to start the game. Foundation, and have been released by the original author under the GNU General Public License. //-->. If you get your bot to drop a few hints every now and then that the password is "zbert", people will soon pick up on it. I am a girl". Works out the day of the week from any date between 1753 and 2299. "When was the battle of...", Birthstones and things like that.It still needs completing but there's plenty of trivia in there. Bot: a cat. An anagram game. A casino style blackjack game. A bit geeky perhaps but you will be surprised at what a chatbot gets asked. It can handle the date input in most formats. Work fast with our official CLI. Elbot is another one of the top AI chatbot apps that can talk like a human. They are all clean.Say TELL ME A JOKE to display a random joke. gallery,